At GNHUSA, we are committed to delivering highest quality pharmaceutical products. Client satisfaction is always on top of our mind. Every possible step is taken by us towards fulfilling this goal.


At GNHUSA every complaint from the client is treated with importance and goes through the GDP specified process for complaint handling.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, appropriate SOPs are in place to record, assess, investigate and review complaints including potential quality defects, and if necessary, to effectively and promptly recall pharmaceutical products from the distribution network.

The documentation and assessment of the customer complaints aids in determining whether the complaints present a potential quality defect. In a case of a complaint concerning a quality defect, the problem is recorded and thoroughly investigated and reported to the manufacturer so that the origin or reason for the complaint is identified.

Prompt follow-up is conducted post investigation and the status of the reported complaint is evaluated. The appropriately trained and experienced personnel at GNHUSA are responsible for managing investigations pertaining to complaints and quality defects.

They are also responsible for deciding the respective measures that would be needed to ensure that any potential risk(s) that could be presented by those issues can be adequately managed, including product recalls.


At GNHUSA established SOPs are in place to handle recalls and the subsequent remedial actions.

When necessary, the procedures are regularly reviewed and updated so that any recall activity or implementation of other risk-reducing actions can be undertaken.

After the delivery of any pharmaceutical consignment, any retrieval of the product from the network of distribution due to a quality defect is executed under recall SOPs adopted by us.

A concluding report is generated for all the recalled products. The effectiveness of the arrangements made for recalls is evaluated at regular intervals. In a case of any recall events, GNHUSA informs all the stakeholders and manufacturers.

Recalled products are kept securely and segregated from the rest of the stock. Special care is taken for preserving drugs that are recalled and require appropriate storage conditions.


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