Our Team

Dr. Piyush Gupta, MBBS, MBA, works as Director Business Development at GNHUSA, since November 2009.

Dr. Gupta is responsible for Clinical trials and Wholesale Trade.Previously, Dr. Gupta was Director for Emerging Markets at Indigene Pharmaceuticals Inc., US, where he established business presence in world markets like CIS, Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific for Indigene pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Gupta is a Council Member at GLG (Gerson Lehman Group) USA for their healthcare practice and advices investment bankers on USA markets for the group.

With over 14 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Business, International Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Distribution Management across industry verticals for product categories like Patented Rx, Branded
Generics, Bio-similar, Biotech, Pre-Rx, Consumer products, FMCG products and medical devices, Dr. Gupta brings a well rounded experience to the table.

Dr. Piyush Gupta
Business Development Director