GNH USA conducts mandatory training sessions for every employee working in the company in line with WHO and EU GDP recommendations. The importance of personnel training for both new and experienced employees, cannot be overemphasised.

For effective implementation of over 43 SOPs by GNH USA requires a host of highly trained personnel. Personnel training is crucial for the development as well as the success of the company. It is a set of pre-defined processes that are utilised to enhance the skills, knowledge and capabilities of the employees in a particular job.

The focus of the personnel training is largely based on the established SOPs. Personnel training is beneficial for both employers as well as the staff, as training ensures that employee will become more productive and efficient.


Some of the benefits of personnel training provided at GNH USA are:

  1. Improvement of employees’ morale- At GNH USA, training provides an employee with satisfaction which in turn, boosts his morale. This leads to an increase in the contribution to the company’s success and improvement in staff turnover.
  2. Less supervision- Well trained personnel tend to be well acquainted with the job. This leads to a lesser need of supervision and thereby, lesser wastage of time and effort.
  3. Lesser errors- Lack of skill and knowledge often results in errors. The training offered at GNH USA reduces the probability of errors occurring during work and helps the employee become more efficient.
  4. Increased productivity: Training leads to an improvement in the productivity and efficiency of a company’s employees. Adequately trained employees at GNH USA showcase both qualitative as well as quantitative performance, which results in lesser wastage of money, time and resources.


GNH USA ensures that every benefit mentioned above is incorporated into the vast personnel team of the company. The training of employees initially takes place after the orientation and continued training sessions are then held at regular intervals. The host of well-trained and experienced professionals are capable of meeting GDP requirements. The strategic placement of well-equipped teams at every checkpoint of the distribution process ensures the efficient and timely delivery of the products as required by our clients. The staff at GNH USA are well trained and equipped to implement quality along the entire process of distribution. GNH USA perpetually contains substantial labour force to keep the distribution process running efficiently and smoothly.

Safety is a mandatory aspect of the work environment at GNH USA, as it aids in the protection of employees and helps in minimising extra costs. Apart from the regular high standard of safety precautions deployed in the work environment at GNH USA, a strict emphasis is laid on wearing protective gear and garments while handling hazardous drugs. Adequate first aid procedures and equipment are religiously maintained for dealing with urgent situations. The productive training procedures coupled with adequate safety measures ensure that our pharmaceutical drugs are delivered in a timely & efficient manner.



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